Mission Team

Mrs. Carol Arnold

Author, Orlando, Florida
As the co-founder with her husband, Jack, Carol has traveled to all six continents, speaking at conferences and seminars to both pastors and their spouses of all denominations. Carol teaches that marriage is a ministry, and if marriages are not strong then ministries cannot be strong. She has spoken at Reformed Theological Seminary…Read More

Mr. Ken and Alison Aull

San Diego, CA
Ken Aull was born (July 9, 1955) and raised in Columbia, SC. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in 1976. It was while in San Diego that Ken earned a Masters in Business Administration from National University. He attended Columbia International University where he earned…Read More

Dr. Del and Nancy Belcher

Christ’s Church in Latin America.
Del has served the church in ordained ministry for over twenty-five years having earned the Master of Divinity (’95) and Doctor of Ministry (11’) degrees from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL. He is a Teaching Elder in the PCA. He has also served as an adjunct professor for various colleges and universities since 2004….…Read More

Dr. Matthew Burt

Matthew left a career in Radio Broadcasting in 1984 to pursue theological education at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA to prepare for teaching positions in higher education. During his time at Gordon-Conwell, he answered a call to pastoral ministry, which has been his primary ministry role since his ordination in 1991. The year 1999 was a turning point for him as…Read More

Rev. Timothy and Rosalind Christenson

Missionaries, Uganda & Kenya
Tim recently retired from the pastoral ministry to respond to the call to train pastors in developing countries. He completed his Doctorate of Ministry from Knox Theological Seminary to help pastors develop their own theological vision for their region. He is also planning to use his mastery of Hebrew and Greek and passion for Biblical…Read More

Mr. Jim and Carole Fitzgerald

Missionary, Orlando, Florida
Jim Fitzgerald serves as a missionary to North Africa and the Middle East. He is adjunct professor of Humanities, and has also taught courses in World Religions, Bible, Philosophy of Religion, and History at several colleges in the United States. Jim is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and he has over 20 years experience in…Read More

Rev. Steve and Monica Hanchett

Steve and Monica met in Owasso, Oklahoma shortly after high school They married in 1979 and soon after Steve came to faith in Christ and experienced a call to ministry. He began pursuing a biblical education and attended Criswell College in Dallas eventually receiving degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University and Luther Rice Seminary.…Read More

Rev. Martin and Helen Odi

Minister, Uganda
Martin Odi was a pastor of a successful church at Ngora for ten years and Overseer (Bishop) of 200 churches in the Kumi district of Uganda for ten years before fully joining EPI as full time director of it in Uganda. Both Helen and Martin are involved in teaching and training with EPI in East Africa. They travel out of their home for almost…Read More

Derrick and Amber Hildebrant

Derrick is 10 year multi-vocational pastor in Oklahoma and a 25 year veteran of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. Derrick retired from the military in 2023 and joined the Lord’s Army with EPI to stay on mission by equipping indigenous pastors to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Derrick has served on the the mission field in India and Madagascar. Derrick and Amber live…Read More

Mrs. Julie Pizzino

Randy Pizzino was blessed of God with Christian parents who gave him faithful nurture in the truths of the word. His father was a pastor, and Randy’s close relationship with his dad was used of God to teach Randy many practical lessons on pastoral ministry. Randy marks his conversion in the summer of his 16th year, and that conversion was followed, almost immediately…Read More

Dr. Phil and Rhonda Ann Smuland

For years Philip Smuland passed through different periods of license and legalism leaving him in doubt of his salvation. Raised in Texas by two godly parents he professed Christ but lived like a fool. However, sometime in his thirties the Lord broke through a hardened heart with the Gospel of grace. Undoubtedly, this was part of God’s wonderful wisdom preparing Phil…Read More