Dr. John and Bonnie Barber

Dr. John Barber is the pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He has served as adjunct professor of humanities at Belhaven College, Palm Beach Atlantic University, and now as adjunct professor of Fine Arts at Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee, through which he teaches Italian Renaissance and Baroque art history to American college students studying abroad in Italy. He is the author of numerous articles and books on cultural history. Through EPI, he helped to found Uzima Reformed College, Nairobi, Kenya, where he teaches theology several times a year. Dr. Barber holds degrees from Florida Atlantic University, Yale University, a Ph.D. in Intellectual Thought from Whitefield Seminary, and a second Ph.D. in theology from Potchefstroom University. He and his wife, Bonnie, make their home in Tequesta, Florida. They have two grown children.

Given increasing interest in people’s desire to know how the gospel can transform cultures, Dr. Barber is regularly invited to pastor’s conferences, and other venues, both in America and in foreign countries, to teach on the relationship of the gospel to culture.